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Why Should You Start An In Home Care Franchise?

Welcome to Caring For People Services.

Starting your own in home career franchise is one of the best investments you can make per Forbes. And beyond the financial aspects, starting your own home health care business is also very rewarding because you get to help people.

CFPS was one of the first companies to enter the in home care industry. We have the compassion for people who don’t need an institutional setting, but still need some assistance to live at home. Now, we offer in home care franchise opportunities for those who qualify.

With our ongoing support and availability as a training resource, for an investment of $70,000 you can open your own business in 10 weeks after signing the franchise agreement. We provide step by step documentation and training that explains all aspects of the process, from initial franchise paperwork, to the setup and creation of your own small business, to the physical opening of your Caring For People Services’ location.

The demand for in home care services has never been greater. An aging population, shorter hospital stays and a general preference for aging at home are fueling demand for in home franchise services that help preserve independence. In addition, families are struggling to provide appropriate levels of care for their aging loved ones, while also trying to fulfill the normal responsibilities of their everyday life. Our services help meet all their commitments.

The Senior Care Franchise Industry Is A Great Investment

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Home health care is in demand and people are living longer than ever before. The number of people over age 60 is set to triple to 2 billion by 2050. The popularity of assisted living has also increased due to more and more seniors wanting to stay in their own homes and receive the care they need. And has become a convenient alternative to the less-desirable nursing home or a traditional aged care franchise opportunity.

It can cost over one million dollars to open a fast-food franchise. The average cost of opening your own in home care franchise is around $150,000. Starting an assisted living franchise with Caring For People Services costs $70,000 with a high return on investment.

The U.S. home health care industry generates $70 billion dollars of revenue per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth of 70% for in home healthcare and personal care aides over the coming decade.

The Process To Building The Best Senior Care Franchises

Our comprehensive 10 step plan will give you everything you need to start your own in home care franchise.

in home care franchise opportunities

We do the work for you

Our home healthcare franchise training program will guide you through our processes and every phase of the business — from creating a business entity to selecting office space and hiring staff — to give you the necessary skills for the success of your in home care franchise.

Why Our Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunity Is Right For you

John & Virginia’s story – how CFPS got it’s start.

We’ve been in the home health care business for over 12 years and were voted one of the top senior care franchises 2018. But before we were in the business of home health care, we were users and patients who relied on in home caregivers on a daily basis.

John and Virginia Walker started Caring For People Services after their son, Thomas Layton, lost his battle with cancer at the age of 26.

To honor Thomas’ memory, John and Virginia felt compelled to help others find caring people to help their loved ones in need. Caring for People Services was formed with the goal to provide compassionate in home care for people of all ages through professional, ethical and quality service.

Beyond the financial aspects, there are many other rewards to starting your own home health care business. The feeling of helping people is extremely rewarding. Making a direct impact on bettering the lives of people in your own community is something you can take pride in. All kinds of people need in home care and it is not just an aging senior population. Caring For People Services administers all types of in home care, including, but not exclusive to senior care.

During your training, you’ll learn everything about the home healthcare franchise and meet other owners and staff. When starting your senior care business, we provide you with all the tools to help you along the way

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