Why Us?

A Stay At Home Care Company Developed And Managed For The Long Term

Caring for People Services is a stay at home care company founded and managed by people who have made their careers in home care and health care. We’re not a big franchise company that followed others into this popular industry. Franchising is simply the business strategy we utilize to grow the Caring for People Services brand.

John Walker worked very hard to comprehend every element of the stay at home care industry before starting Caring for People Services. Thanks to unique insights provided by his own personal experience, he made sure his business model was honed and sustainable before trying to expand it. As he began to franchise, John also assembled a management team with rich in home care and health care experience. This provided a stable foundation for the franchise. It also nurtured its growth into the organization it has become.


The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Caring For People Services franchised business is from $59,280 to $69,100. This includes an initial fee of $45,000 that must be paid to the franchisor.

  • Favorable Demographics and Trends – An aging population, shorter hospital stays and a preference for aging at home are fueling the demand for in-home senior services.
  • Technology Resistant – The internet cannot provide care and it can’t be outsourced overseas. Technology certainly plays a role in our business, but care must be provided by compassionate caregivers.
  • Repeat Business – Clients don’t typically hire us for just one day. They hire us to fulfill a family need on an ongoing basis. The case may only last a few weeks or it may last for years. Each client represents a recurring revenue stream.
  • No Retail Location or Inventory – Caring for People Services franchisees operate out of small, affordable, professional offices. Our main product is care, so there’s no costly inventory that can eventually become obsolete.
  • A Winning Culture – When you speak with our management team and our franchisees, you’ll see firsthand the winning culture that all of us enjoy at Caring for People Services. We encourage franchisee involvement at every level because we know when we work together, we can be an even stronger force in the marketplace.
  • Comparably Small Investment


Unlike many franchise opportunities, in home care offers benefits well beyond the possibility of monetary growth. This isn’t just an investment in a business; it’s also an investment in your community and your personal fulfillment. A little assistance really does go a long way.

You provide better living.

When you leave your office at the end of the day, you haven’t just made a dollar; you’ve made someone’s day. In home care is a necessary service that helps an aging population remain independent in comfortable surroundings. Your care – and the resulting independence – is often the difference between someone feeling happiness rather than helplessness.


You provide stability and affordability.

Family relationships are fragile. When something changes, it can often upset the balance of the entire unit, emotionally and financially. Your presence and services can make a difficult situation easier for the entire family at an affordable cost.

You provide fulfilling employment.

Most franchises create jobs; you create meaningful jobs. You’re not just helping your employees put food on the table; you’re providing a sense of accomplishment to those who are can enrich the lives of others. With Caring for People Services proven track record, you’re also putting money into your community so that it can grow and thrive.


Caring for People Services has launched several programs to assist franchisees in becoming stronger, healthier, and more profitable businesses. In these exciting programs, we offer valuable benefits and training to help Caring for People Services franchisees of all sizes and volume become more established and knowledgeable in the in-home healthcare field.

Currently, one in five Medicare beneficiaries who leave the hospital are readmitted within 30 days. Studies estimate that up to 76% of these readmissions may be preventable. The average cost per preventable readmission is $7,200. Medicare reduces payments to hospitals for all readmissions. Hospitals now have a financial incentive to ensure their patients are adequately cared for once they are discharged.